About Us

Private hire vehicles with wheelchair access

We are a small and friendly business. we have been transporting people for over 20 years  and now can offer larger vehicles for larger bookings, special events and private hire. All of our staff and particularly our drivers, have an extensive knowledge and understanding of the needs of our disabled clients as well as any other bookings. We are able to provide you with a personal and individual service that can be tailored to meet your specific needs. Private hire vehicles with wheelchair access.

Travelsafe supply all manner of long term contracts regionally and nationally. Whether your requirement is for one passenger, a group booking or even a coach load, Travelsafe is the ideal choice. Our wheelchair access vehicles can transport any combination of wheelchairs, whether they are manual, custom, electric or mobility scooter. They can also accommodate seated passengers or a combination of both. The special wheelchair tracking inside can allow us to anchor a seat or a chair into place.

Whatever your requirements are please do not hesitate to call us if you prefer to discuss your booking by phone or alternatively simply fill in the enquiry form for a quote. Please try to provide us with as much detail as possible in the boxes provided so we can ensure that you get an accurate quote.